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Pumping Sources

We are market leader in pumping source for solid laser and fiber laser

Han’s TCS supply pumping source to solid laser and fiber laser manufacturers, can meet the demand of nanosecond laser picosecond laser femtosecond laser manufacturers, to provide customers with 808nm, 878.6nm wavelength stability, 976nm wavelength stability, 981nm wavelength stability pumping source products. As the leading semiconductor laser manufacturer in China, Han’s TCS has reached the international leading level in semiconductor laser diode packaging and fiber coupling technology.

Solid laser has the characteristics of good beam quality and high peak power. On the basis of infrared wavelength, green light and ultraviolet wavelength can be realized through frequency conversion, which can meet the needs of marking and cutting of different materials. Pumping source is the core component of solid laser, and its quality is particularly important.Han’s TCS has reached the international leading level in semiconductor laser diode packaging and fiber coupling technology. Our 808nm pumping source, after 10 years of customer use, tens of thousands of products have been shipped, we received high praise from both domestic and foreign customers. Diodes of 7~50W can meet the needs of low power infrared, green and ultraviolet lasers. Aiming at the current 3W/5W UV laser market, we have optimized the 808nm product parameters, which can improve the installation efficiency of customers.

Han’s TCS 878.6nm lock wavelength products include 40W, 70W, 100W, 120W, 180W and other power specifications for high power nanosecond lasers and picosecond lasers, with good spot uniformity, high pumping crystal efficiency, wide wavelength locking power range, After many years of customer verification, stable and reliable, our products meet the customer needs of 7×24 hours industrial production.

Han’s TCS 976nm lock wavelength products, mainly for ultra-fast fiber laser manufacturers. In recent years, ultra-fast laser technology has developed rapidly and been used more and more widely. Han’s TCS  optimized 976nm locking wavelength product parameters, wavelength locking power range is wide, good beam quality, wide adaptability. We provide 105μm core diameter 9W, 20W, 60W, 100W, 140W products, and 200μm core diameter more than 200W products for customers to choose.


About Han’s TCS

Han’s TCS was founded in 2011, located in Beijing Development Area, has been focusing on the development, production and sales of high-quality semiconductor laser devices and systems for more than 10 years.our company has complete equipment and production lines from chip packaging to fiber coupling, is a very powerful high-quality semiconductor laser manufacturer.In 2019, our company established a subsidiary, Han’s TianCheng Optronics Co., LTD. in Tianjin Beichen Development Area, to expand the production capacity of semiconductor lasers and meet the product needs of domestic and foreign customers. Our company produces high quality semiconductor laser products, power from watts to kilowatts, wavelength from 375nm to 1550nm to near-infrared band, which is widely used in laser direct imaging (LDI) laser radar,laser medical beauty, laser welding, laser solid state laser and fiber laser pump source and other field.


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